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cancunall aboutyouSPRING BREAK CANCUN When you here those famous or in some cases infamous words uttered what springs to mind so to speak? Parties, Beaches, Loud music and Drinks and craziness!

I thought so and why not, Cancun is undoubtedly the worlds most well known destination for tens of Thousands of Students wanting to break free from studying, to relax, enjoy and Party! And that is why Cancun is the destination that offers everything for the most memorable Spring Break ever!

And what most parents want to know is – Is Cancun Safe? And with a resounding answer is YES!

Cancun not only has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, It has a selection of world class 5 star hotels mixed around more affordable Bed and Breakfasts and little Hostels offering the basics for the well travelled and those on a budget.

The Nightlife in Cancun has it’s very own reputation for Spectacular nights, Amazing shows, the best Live Performers all within a safe and well controlled hotel Zone Strip. This area of Cancun which has had years of honing the right skills and attitudes to cope with and provide a safe and secure atmosphere for Thousands of people looking for a great time- Groups, Families, Young and Old alike.

Now with this time of year it should not put other people off from visiting Cancun as there seems to be a noticeable and unforgettable extra beat to the heart of Cancun, and just because you may think there will be Large groups of  everywhere (there will of course be places that cater only to these spring breakers) Many hotels understand there is a need for calm and reserved places to be enjoyed by those not here just for Spring Break, and a lot of those hotels are offering special deals for couples only, Families with a no large groups policies etc etc.

Activities in and around Cancun are immense and for most Spring Breakers Jet Skis over the Caribbean or Para sailing are as much as they want to do hoping to blow the cobwebs from the night before away-

But now there are such a variety of options for everyone it will take some time to read about all of the possibilities that are on offer! For the Culture Vultures the numerous and fascinating Archaeological sites offering an insight into the history of Mexico – Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba. Mix that in with those who love Nature and all things Beautiful the Natural eco -logical parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha offer unique blends of Nature with the unimaginable beauty of the Natural Lagoons and Sea life, for the wanna be Indiana Jones’ the offer of adventure there are numerous options- Zip lining through the Jungles of the Yukatan, Fly Boarding, ATV and Horse trekking accompanied by the world famous speed boat Jungle Tours and Xplor!

If visiting with family members or just wanting a break from the madness, near by towns like Puerto Morelos and Playa Del Carmen offer a more relaxed and tranquil environments where shopping, eating and watching the world pass you by are the order of the day.

Spring Break Cancun 2013 is it Safe?

With this time of year and those Traveling for Spring Break another little known activity is starting to become very popular, and that is the chance to get some much needed dental work started, completed or even that much needed check up done while on Vacation.

Dental Tourism with Sunset Dental

And Cancun’s Award winning Dental Design Studio Sunset Dental Cancun brings all dental specialities to one of the most trusted Dentists in Cancun and with a Penthouse Clinic located in the Heart of the Hotel Zone and sharing the same building as the Canadian Consulate – our patients are not only impressed with the standards of our  work and Doctors but our keen attention to each patients needs.

Our Specialists speak English, French and Spanish Fluently and will be able to assist in any way.

The most common enquiries Spring breakers ask Sunset Dental Cancun is on quick and minimal invasive Dental Treatments, and what better ones for those looking at topping up their tans is to Whiten their teeth. Teeth Whitening is a quick and easy way to add a sparkle back to your Smile and takes only 45 minutes! Other requested Treatments during Spring Break are Porcelain Veneers and Tooth Contouring all of which can help rejuvenate and bring out those perfect Smiles.

Why do a lot of Spring Breakers want to have Dental Treatments during their much needed break away? well they care about how they look, They want to save money and they want the best and this is where Sunset Dental Cancun has come to be the best option for Spring Breakers!



For more information on Dental Treatments, Costs and how Sunset Dental Cancun can Help you with your Smile Contact:



or Call 0052 998 1768084


A.De Sousa


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