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MEXICO GUIDE Interesting and Fun Facts





Interesting Animal Facts of Mexico

The national animal of Mexico is the Golden Eagle, however, along with that we have some more information for you in regards to its fauna.
A very rare species of rabbit known as the volcano rabbit is found in Mexico. Its habitat is restricted to the volcanic belt which runs through this country.
Оne of the unique facts about Mexico is that the jungles of Mexico is home to the apex predator, the one we all know as the jaguar. It is the largest wildcat in North America and with no known predators.
Mexico is a haven for bird-watchers. It boasts of over 50 species of hummingbirds and pelicans which are found nowhere else on Earth. One wonders, as to how can there be so much of animal diversity within a place, and how is it that these animals manage to coexist with one of the densest human populations on Earth.
In Southern Mexico lies a creature which the Aztecs took to be a transformed version of Xolotl, their God of death and lightening. Also known as the ‘water monster’ it’s a prehistoric, salamander looking creature known as the axolotl.
Perhaps one of the most amazing feats of endurance, the monarch butterfly is the epitome of stamina and strength. These butterflies migrate and travel hundreds of miles to arrive in the Mexican jungles in the winter season.


Interesting Culinary Facts of Mexico
Let’s now delve into the culinary tastes of this country and see what interesting find we can dig out from the people.

We would have missed out on some of the sweetest things in life, if it hadn’t been for the Mexicans, because they are the ones who gave us chocolate. And to balance that out, they also gave some of the hottest peppers known to man.
Did you know that hot chocolate was the revered drink of the Aztecs.
The tomato got its name from the ancient Aztec language.
Fried grasshoppers are a favorite snack for the people of Oaxaca, a state in the south of Mexico.
Here’s one fun fact about Mexico for you, tequila happens to be the national drink of the nation, which existed even before it became what we know it now as the country of Mexico

According to Mexican history, the people of Mexico descended from the Aztecs and the Mayans. They have a very rich and varied heritage and are known to be hospitable and kind. They are a kind of people who never refuse to lend a helping hand when needed. The following are some interesting Mexico facts with respect to their culture

One of the interesting facts about Mexico city is its world famous mariachi dance and music style. The word mariachi was earlier used to denote a group of dancers who traveled from place to place performing. The term then took shape into a musical style which is now a very prominent style of music throughout the world. No official event is complete without the request for a ‘mariachi’.
Mexicans have a very strong sense of family. Their whole society revolves around the concept of a strong family bond. The father is the head of the family who makes the decisions for the rest of the family. Even though mothers are highly revered, they still come only second to the father.
The marigold is considered to be a symbol of death, hence presenting one, will not be taken lightly.
Even though there are a hundred native American languages, Spanish is the dominant one which lingered on due to the Spanish control of the country.

The US and Mexican border is so long that it’s considered to be the 2nd largest country border in the world.
Now we all know what the ‘Ring of Fire’ is, well Mexico is located in it. The famous San Andreas fault generates multiple earthquakes daily, which are too small to be noticed though.
One of the few interesting facts about Mexico City is that due to the fact that it is located on an underground water body, it sinks a few inches each year.


1. Before the city became known as “Cancun,” it was called “Ekab,” meaning “Black Earth.” Cancun is actually also a Mayan word that means “nest of serpents.”

2. When Cancun was first developing in 1970, there were only three residents living there. Now there are over half a million people who call Cancun home. Can you imagine waking up to that beach every day?

3. Cancun alone generates 1/3 of Mexico’s tourism revenue Millions of people travel to Cancun each year to enjoy the amazing city. I will probably be joining them this year, too.

4. Between 2009 and 2010, Cancun underwent a major beach restoration project that added 7 miles of coast between 40-70 yards wide. This project cost about $70 million dollars. This means there is plenty of beach for you and your friends to relax on!

5. Cancun is divided into three districts: Downtown Cancun, the Ecological Reserve, and the Hotel Zone. Downtown Cancun is a great place to learn about the locals and a less expensive place to shop with several flea markets. The Ecological Reserve is home to Mexico’s largest genuine ecosystem – and there are many tours that explore the area. Cancun’s Hotel Zone is the popular tourist area with shopping and beaches.

6. The second busiest airport in Mexico is Cancun’s international airport – with the most international traffic in the Latin American area. Make sure you mark your luggage appropriately in case of a mix up.

7. Cancun’s white sand is made from crushed coral and cool to the touch, so you don’t need your sandals while walking on the beach. Remember to always bring a beach bag to store towels, sandals, and water just in case.

8. Cancun is home to the second largest coral reef in the world – the Great Mayan Barrier Reef. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the only one that is larger. Take advantage of this by scuba diving or snorkeling while visiting Cancun.

9. Cancun has many festivals throughout the year such as the Cancun Jazz Festival, Equinox celebrations, film festivals, and more. Check out which festivals are happening during your travel time to enjoy this unique aspect of Cancun. I’ve been to the Cancun Cinco de Mayo party and it is definitely worth checking out.

10. There are around 140 hotels with over 24,000 hotel rooms and over 350 restaurants in Cancun – so there is always a place for you to stay. Cancún awaits bou!


And the most INTERESTING fact of all is that you can travel to this amazing and wonderful country and receive the very best Dental Treatments for nearly 60% less than the United States or Canada!

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