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Teeth Whitening in Cancun Mexico, The Benefits of Zoom!


Teeth Whitening Cancun


Teeth whitening procedures are in high demand among patients, and there are numerous treatments available to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. Choosing to visit the dentist for tooth whitening is the best way to select a procedure that will work for the unique qualities of your smile and provide safe, effective treatment; working with your dentist is also the only way to access the benefits of the Zoom! procedure. Here is a closer look at what Zoom! Whitening has to offer:

Safe whitening of the teeth: Zoom! works using a UV light to unlock the effects of a specially formulated whitening gel that is applied to the teeth; the procedure also includes steps to ensure the gums are always fully protected. The whitening solution is not so strong that it damages the tooth enamel, but still delivers optimal whitening effects with the help of UV light.

Results in just one visit: Many tooth whitening procedures take multiple treatment sessions to give patients the results they desire. Zoom! is different because it is designed to dramatically improve the teeth, making them more radiant in one visit to the dentist that lasts for only an hour. Plus, the results from one session of Zoom! are typically better than the end result of longer-term treatments. On average, Zoom! yields an improvement of eight shades whiter than before treatment.

Long-lasting whitening: Zoom! uses a specialized chemical formula that penetrates deeper into the teeth than other whitening solutions, so the teeth remain white and bright long after the initial treatment.

Compare Zoom! Whitening to your other professional treatment options by scheduling a consultation with the dentists of Sunset Dental Cancun and visit their website www.sunsetdentalcancun.com or call 0052 998 1768084.

Achieve the smile you want !




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