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7 damage to your health for a cracked tooth


Back tooth pain

Do not have the habit of visiting the dentist can cause health complications that could be treated previously.

An important part of our physical being is oral health. However, the attention that is given is not a common practice, as the Mexican Dental Association confirms that only 15% of Mexicans visit the dentist every six months.

Do not have the habit of visiting the dentist can cause health complications for problems that could be treated effectively and in a timely manner.

It is common that happens unexpectedly biting a solid object like a bone or a seed or when we bite with too much pressure on our jaw, we can cause fracture of a molar.

Cracked tooth

Dominican Dental Center claims another common cause of carious teeth is cracked teeth or multiple restorations injuries, since they have not the same amount of enamel making them more fragile.

Cracked tooth

Patient age is also a risk factor, because over time the tissues that make up the tooth lose elasticity, causing fracture of the piece when you bite something hard.

Habits such as biting pencils, ice, fingernails, can also be causes of fractures.

Bad habits

Here are some consequences of having a tooth uncovered:

  1. Severe pain. It can be triggered by neglecting your teeth, because if you leave them cracked a long time, food can build up and cause a lot of pain by decay, in addition to possible infections.
  2. Infections. According to the National Institute of Health in the United States, they can occur when a tooth is broken or chipped, allowing bacterial entry into and the infection can spread from the root to the jawbone.
  3. Caries. This epidemiological problem may be caused by a fractured tooth. Ideally remove the decay and rebuild the part. If left untreated, it reaches the dental pulp and then into the bloodstream with the ability to infect other organs, says Dominican Dental Center.
  4. Loss of the piece. By leaving uncovered a tooth or tooth decay can trigger infections that ultimately lead to extract the tooth. In losing can trigger aesthetic and functional problems such as overloading other parts, accumulation of food in the empty space or periodontal disease.
  5. Heart problems. Research at the School of Medicine Harvard claim that people with periodontal disease (gum) increase 72% the risk of heart problems compared to those who maintain healthy teeth.
  6. Tooth sensitivity. This is a consequence of having a tooth uncovered. The International Association for the Study of Pain says this is a painful sensation that responds to external stimuli, including as food and cold, hot, sour or sweet drinks.
  7. Bad smell of mouth. According to the Barcelona Clinic Propdental infection and bacteria buildup on teeth bites cause bad breath.

In addition to these conditions, the lacks of a tooth also cause discomfort when eating, talking imbalance, besides aesthetic problems in the face, says Stomatology Health Promotion IMSS, Maria Trinidad Gomez Lepe.

Injuries and the consequences of having a tooth or teeth in poor condition should be treated as soon as possible, because there can be complications for the patient’s overall health.

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