Dentistry is not everybody’s favorite subject, but it is a subject that affects everyone.

With today’s society there is an ever present focus on looks which to some is important, who does not want to be proud of their appearance and a smile is one of the first things impressed upon others when first meeting.  The biggest issue with teeth and the mouth is when there is a visible problem there can be underlying health problems. There is a direct link to poor oral health and the actual overall health of a person.

The fear of dentists is in the top 5% of all phobias and a persons fear of dentistry usually stems from traumatic childhood experiences which stick with the patient throughout their adult life, this makes dental visits a easy subject to put off and neglect. Add the fact dentist costs are one of the highest billed medical services this just impacts on peoples perceptions of “pain” and “expenditure” which can and is put off until the last moment.

What people need to remember is that we are in the 21st century and great advances have been made in the field of dentistry and oral care, there will always be some level of discomfort with certain dental procedures but if a routine of regular check ups and cleanings will lower the need for more extensive procedures.

Who has gone to the dentists feeling fine and left with a treatment list of fillings, root canals, and Crowns…this may be a slight exaggeration but the picture is true in some sense. 

Not all people have medical insurance or dental insurance and this means costly expenses if even the most simple of routine treatments and check ups are needed.

There are options available to people which can reduce the cost of treatments like free clinics and Dental schools which allow students to learn and practice on real patients that are willing to let them try! Now this is a brave step and at the end of the day student doctors need to practice.

What Sunset Dental Cancun offers is a dental experience it is a clinic located in Cancun Mexico and is the leader in bringing optimum oral health care at prices that can be 60% less than the lowest prices in the U.S.

Sunset Dental Cancun is a proud member clinic of the Dental Tourism industry which is flourishing in many countries where costs of procedures are greatly reduced due to the cost of renting offices, employing staff, etc,etc. And with Mexico being so close to the United States and Canada and the large difference in costs the dollars of both countries really go further and allow vacations and dental treatments to be combined with added savings. This does not for one minute mean that standards are less (there will always be the good the bad and the average) but with a little research, contact with a clinic you are interested in and even going for a free consultation you could be paying for your vacation with the savings you make on your dental treatments.

Sunset Dental Cancun recommends you follow these simple steps to make choosing a dental clinic you feel comfortable with.

Use the Internet, this is a great tool and there are many companies that promote dental clinics online with photos, testimonials, even helping arranging flights and hotels

Contact more than one clinic, do not just settle for one with the best looking website there have been many great looking sites that promise the world but anyone can do this.

Speak to the clinic, many have coordinators who will be your point of contact

Ask questions the more the better- Who is the doctor, what guarantees do they have, what happens if problems arise in the future?

And if you do decide on a destination go for more than one consultation two even three, this is the very best idea as this will allow you to see the facilities, speak to the doctors, check the rooms and equipment. A professional confident clinic will be more than happy to show you how they work and what they do.

Dentistry is not an exact science and there are no miracle solutions but as long as the doctors have your health first and  your best interests at heart  dentistry will be what is best for you.

If a Dental Vacation is something that sounds interesting or you want to know more about more affordable dental treatments Sunset Dental Cancun invites you to visit them or contact them for more information. www.sunsetdentalcancun.com



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